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A message from the Workforce Involvement Group (WIG)

Firstly, the WIG would like to thank all of you who attended the Offshore Workforce Involvement Event on 01 May 2012 at the Holiday Inn, Westhill, Aberdeen.

A special thank you goes to Jon Richards and the International Drilling Contractors Association (IADC) who kindly agreed to sponsor the event and provided the venue for the day, without their agreement and generosity, the event would not have taken place.

The event was once again oversubscribed despite increasing the number of places available from 70 to 100.  This is certainly something we will look to address for the future. For those who where unable to get a place, we can only apologise, and hope that you are successful in attending the next one.

For the ones who managed to attend, as with all these events, we hope that it had the ‘content and balance’ whereby you found the day to be both informative and interesting,  and were able to take back with you examples of  good practices to share your with your colleagues in the workplace.

,Again the commitment and enthusiasm shown by you towards workforce involvement in the offshore workplace was apparent for all to see. This gives all of us on WIG a purpose and a solid base to build from.

Please remember, by all of us working together, we can contribute towards continuously making improvements to ensure the offshore workplace is as safe as possible, thus creating a better working environment for everyone in the offshore industry.
Below, is a cross section of comments, taken from completed evaluation sheets:

As always, future events will be advertised via our  website, and if you have, any questions/queries regarding any workforce involvement issues please contact us via where it will be dealt with accordingly.

Please note: If you have any questions you wish to ask any member of WIG or the support team in general, or maybe you have something to may like to be discussed at future WIG meetings, please contact us via the same address -

Thank you all once again for attending, your participation and contributions during the event, without which, would not have made the event the success it was.

Who Attended the Event?...

Drilling 7%
Facilities 8%
H&S Advisor 15%
Maintenance 14%
OIM/Supervisor 9%
Production/Operation 28%
Senior Management 3%
Services 16%

...and how many were Safety Representatives

Safety Representatives 75%
Non Safety Representatives 25%

How would you rate the usefulness of this event?

How Useful was this event?







Not at All


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Updated 2012-05-18