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HSC Nuclear Safety Advisory Committee Sub-Committee on research - Meeting 10 June 2002

30th meeting on Monday 10 June 2002 at 10.30 a.m. in the Rose Conference Room, Rose Court, London


1. Apologies for absence

2. Approval of Minutes:

29th Meeting - 22 January 2002 - NuSAC/SCR/02/M1
Special Meeting - 06 March 2002 - NuSAC/SCR/02/M2

The minutes were agreed.

3. Matters arising from previous meeting

All actions had been discharged except 02/6 and 02/8 which were ongoing. 02/6 HSE to provide details on the facilities available for research into graphite at the University of Manchester. 02/8 The IMC will discuss the future of TAGSI with its secretary.

4. Review of HSC Co-ordinated Programme of Nuclear Safety Research

HSE to produce a brief paper listing the principal new Licensees and what difficulties may be encountered in developing arrangements to include them.

HSE and IMC to report back to NuSAC SCR on the outcome of their dialogue on research to address long term issues.

The HSC paper to include consideration of the arrangements necessary to cover Licensees formed under the LMA.

5. HSC Co-ordinated Programme of Nuclear Safety Research: outturn for 2001/2002 and update on 2002/2003 - NuSAC/SCR/02/13

Members noted the paper.

6. Nuclear Research Index 2002/2003

HSE to issue the complete version of the 2002/2003 Live issues NRI by the end of July.

7. 2002/2003 Nuclear Chemical Plant Research Index - NuSAC/SCR/02/14

Members noted this paper.

8.Nuclear Education update
HSE to arrange distribution of paper copies of the Education Sector in Universities report to NuSAC SCR members.

9. Report on the guidelines on scientific advice and policy making  - NuSAC/SCR/02/15

Members noted this paper.

10. Any other Business

A visit to a 'BNFL Centre of Excellence' to be investigated.

11. Date of next Sub-committee meeting

25th September (London)

Published on the HSE web site with decisions 24 July 2002

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