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HSC Nuclear Safety Advisory Committee Sub-Committee on research - Meeting 28 March 2003

Open government status: Open
Agenda number: NuSAC/SCR/02/A1

29th meeting on Tuesday 22 January 2002 at 10.30 a.m. in the Hope Conference Room, Rose Court, London


1. Apologies for absence

2. Approval of Minutes: 28th Meeting - 27 June 2001 - NuSAC/SCR/01/M1
The minutes were agreed.

3. Matters arising from previous meeting
All actions had been discharged.

4. HSC Co-ordinated Programme of Nuclear Safety Research: update on 2001/2002 programme and proposed programme for 2002/2003 - NuSAC/SCR/02/1
Industry Management Committee's proposed 2001-02 Programme - NuSAC/SCR/02/2

Development of guidance, criteria and programme : proposals for the IMC Programme for 2002-03 - NuSAC/SCR/02/3

HSE will provide a statement on the position of the human factors programme before the main NuSAC meeting in March 2002.
The IMC will clarify the shift in the balance of research, including how research issues were being addressed outside the research programme, and details of the situation in the human factors area, by the end of February.

The IMC will provide the secretariat with new figures for the projects in the technical areas for the 2002/2003 IMC Programme, and an explanation of the change in the size of the programme.

5. Review of HSC Co-ordinated Programme of Nuclear Safety Research
HSE will produce an informal paper on the progress of the HSC review for sub-committee members by the end of February.

6.Industry Direct Programme 1999/2000: HSE(NSD) Assessment - NuSAC/SCR/02/8
Members noted the paper.

7. Review of support for Essential Research Capability - NuSAC/SCR/02/4
Members noted the paper.

8. Access to Independent Technical Capability - NuSAC/SCR/02/5
HSE will provide members with details on the facilities available for research into graphite at the University of Manchester.

9. An update on HSE/IMC involvement in the EU Fifth Framework Programme - NuSAC/SCR/02/6

Members noted the paper.

10. Nuclear Education - update - NuSAC/SCR/02/7
HSE will provide members with a copy of the report on nuclear education in the University sector when available.

11. Retention of IMC and Levy reports

Members noted the verbal report.

12. Any other Business
The IMC will discuss the future of TAGSI with its secretary.

13. Date of next Sub-committee meeting
The secretariat will arrange a date for the summer 2002 meeting of sub-committee.

Published on the HSE web site with decisions; 6 February 2001

Updated 2009-05-26