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HSC Nuclear Safety Advisory Committee Sub-Committee on research - Meeting 28 March 2003

Open government status: Open
Agenda number: NuSAC/SCR/03/A1

32nd meeting on Friday 28 March 2003 at 10.30 a.m in the Fortune Room, Rose Court, London


1 Apologies for absence

2. Approval of Minutes: 31st Meeting - 25 September 2002              

3. Matters arising from previous meeting

4.1. UK Reactor safety research programme: update on 2002/2003 programme and proposed programme for 2003/2004 (HSE)

4.2. Licensees' proposed 2003-04 Programme (Licensees)              

5.1. IMC Stewardship report for 01-02 programme (Licensees)              

5.2. HSE evaluation report for 01-02 programme (HSE)                        

6. Review of support for Essential Research Capability (Licensees)

7. Access to Independent Technical Capability (HSE) 

8. HSE involvement in the EU Framework Programme (HSE)

9. Terms of reference for NuSAC SCR (HSE)

10. Interim report on monitoring of technical exchanges (Licensees)

11. Report on Nuclear Clean-up meeting at DTI, 20/3/03

12. Any other Business

13. Date of next Sub-committee meeting

List of Actions

02/16 Dr Marchese to produce a report  at the end of FY 03-04 on technical exchanges.

02/17 The IMC to re-word section 3.6 of Nuclear Safety Research Guidance  Note 4 in line with Professor Knott’s comments.

02/18 Dr Miller to draft a revision to the NuSAC SCR Terms of Reference for the next meeting.

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