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Nuclear safety advisory committee review group 6 (research) - 22 April 2008

Open government status: Open
Agenda number: NuSAC/RG6/08/A1
Meeting Date: 22 April 2008
Type of paper: Agenda

2nd meeting on Tuesday 22 April 2008 from 10.00 a.m. to 3:30 p.m.
Conference Room 6, HSE Redgrave Court, Merton Rd, Bootle


With indicative timing

  Item Timing   Ref.  
1 Welcome to new member and apologies for absence 10:00  
2.1 Chairman’s Remarks:    
2.2 Approval of Minutes: 1st Meeting on 2 October 2007   NuSAC/RG6/07/M1
2.3 Matters arising from previous meeting    
3 Members’ Reports on Technical Exchanges 10:30 No papers
4.1 UK nuclear safety research programme: update on 2007/2008 programme and proposed programme for 2008/2009 (HSE) 11:00 NuSAC/RG6/08/1
4.2 Licensees' proposed 2008-09 Programme (Licensees)
4.2.1     BE
4.2.2     ME North and South
4.2.3     BNFL Sellafield
4.2.4     UKAEA Dounreay
  LUNCH 12:00  
5 UK International Research Strategy – coordinated approach
(Main topic of meeting)
12:30 NuSAC/RG6/08/6
6 NDA TBURD Production Process (NDA) 13:30 NuSAC/RG6/08/7
7 Human Factors Implementation (Licensees) 14:00 NuSAC/RG6/08/8
8 Safety Research needs to support the Waste Repository (NDA)
(Introduction to topic - detailed discussion at a future meeting)
14:30 No papers
9 Access to Independent Technical Capability (HSE)
(Below the Line)
10 Position on ERC at Nexia and the NNL (NDA) 15:00 No papers
11 Any Other Business 15:15  
12 Date and place of next Sub-committee meeting 15:25  

List of actions

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