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HSC Nuclear Safety Advisory Committee Sub-Committee on research - Meeting 19 September 2003

Open government status: Open
Agenda number: NuSAC/SCR/03/A1


1. 9.15am - 10.00am tour of Radiochemistry laboratory (Guide Ms. Francis Livens)

2. 10.00am – 10.15am Tea/Coffee

3. 10.15am – 11.15am Presentation followed by discussion
(Prof. Richard Clegg assisted by Ms. Janet Ferguson)

4. Apologies for absence

5. Approval of Minutes: 32nd Meeting - 28 March 2003 NuSAC/SCR/03/M1

6. Matters arising from previous meeting

7. Nuclear Research Index 2003. (HSE – no separate paper)

8 HSC Coordinated Programme of Nuclear Safety Research

8.1 Final Outturn for 02/03 and update on 03/04 (HSE) NuSAC/SCR/03/9

8.2 Historical spend and forward look 1998-2007 (HSE) NuSAC/SCR/03/10

8.3 Report on implementation of new arrangements (HSE) NuSAC/SCR/03/11

8.4 Licensees' update on technical exchanges (no paper)

8.5 Human factors research status (HSE/Licensees) NuSAC/SCR/03/12

9. Nuclear Chemical Plant Research - new arrangements. (HSE) NuSAC/SCR/03/13

10. Report on guidelines on scientific advice & policy making (HSE) NuSAC/SCR/03/14

11. Terms of reference of NuSAC SCR (revised) NuSAC/SCR/03/08

12. Any other business.

13. Date of next Sub-committee meeting

List of Actions - 32nd meeting

02/16 Dr Marchese to produce a year end report on technical exchanges at the
end of FY 03/04. (3.1)

03/1 NSD to update and reissue minutes of 31st meeting. (2.3)

03/2 NuSAC SCR secretary to combine the next meeting with a tour of Manchester University - University - University Research Alliance and graphite research team. (3.5)

03/3 NSD (A Miller) to inform the next meeting on NDA research of NuSAC SCR's views on the need for a strategy that encourages generic research. (4.1.9)

03/4 NSD to include in future papers to NuSAC SCR additional data to illustrate actual past and predicted future trends of spend on nuclear safety research. (4.1.11)

03/5 Dr McNulty to revise conclusion to NuSAC/SCR/03/1 in respect of low priority NRI issues. (4.1.2)

03/6 BE to supply NSD with their revised 2003/2004 Programme of NRI related research. (4.2.1)

03/7 NSD to recognise NuSAC SCR's views when preparing the annual evaluation of the Levy programme. (5.2.1)

03/8 Dr Miller to amend paper NuSAC/SCR/03/8 ahead of the meeting of NSRSG on 8 May 2003. (9.1 to 9.6)

03/9 NSD to keep NuSAC SCR informed on any problems with technical exchanges. (10.2)

03/10 Professor Knott to contact prospective candidates for membership of NuSAC SCR. (12.1)

03/11 NuSAC SCR secretary to explore possibility of meeting between NuSAC SCR and reactor licensees' technical representatives, and maybe with BNFL chemical plant and UKAEA staff. (12.2)

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