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HSC Nuclear Safety Advisory Committee Sub-Committee on research - 35th Meeting 16 September 2004

Open government status: Open
Agenda number: NuSAC/SCR/04/A1


1. Apologies for absence 10:30

2. Approval of Minutes: 34th Meeting – 2nd April 2004 [40kb] - NuSAC/SCR/04/M1

3. Matters arising from previous meeting 10:35

4. Membership of SCR 10:40

5. Update on any significant changes in the 04/05 programme 10:50 no paper

6. NDA 11:00 (10 minutes presentation per paper)
LMU’s view of research under NDA (DTI/LMU) [160kb] - NuSAC/SCR/04/13
HSE’s view of future arrangements for NDA licensee research [77kb] (HSE) - NuSAC/SCR/04/14
Impact of NDA on BNFL’s organisation (BNFL) [220kb] - NuSAC/SCR/04/15
Future of UKAEA technology under NDA (UKAEA) [56kb] - NuSAC/SCR/04/16

Lunch 12:30

7. Presentation on C&I research (HSE/BE/Magnox/BNFL Sellafield) 13:20

8. Nuclear Research Index 2004 (HSE) [90kb] 14:20 - NuSAC/SCR/04/17

9. Evaluation of 03-04 programme 14:40
Nuclear Research Evaluation by HSE [260kb] - NuSAC/SCR/04/18
Nuclear Research Evaluation by BE [102kb] - NuSAC/SCR/04/19
Nuclear Research Evaluation by Magnox [144kb] - NuSAC/SCR/04/20

10. Revised Guidelines for HSC Co-ordinated programme (HSE) 15:20 - NuSAC/SCR/04/21

11. Any other business.

12. Date of next Sub-committee meeting

Members are asked to note the following paper
Nuclear Chemical Plant Research arrangements [195kb] - (HSE/BNFL Sellafield) - NuSAC/SCR/04/22

List of actions – 34th meeting

03/10 Professor Knott to contact prospective candidates for membership of NuSAC SCR (agenda)

03/14 SCR members to let the chairman know which technical areas lay within their competence and interests (agenda)

04/1 The Licensees and HSE to forward copies of their Guidance Notes to members (done).

04/2 HSE would amend paper NuSAC/SCR/04/1 to underline the intention that Technical Exchanges adopt best practice (done – revised paper placed on HSE website).

04/3 NuSAC SCR to consider inviting a member of the Commission to a future meeting of the sub-committee (done - M Burns invited by HSE).

04/4 HSE amend paragraph 16 of paper NuSAC/SCR/04/1 to include a commitment to present annual reviews of technical exchanges to the sub-committee (done – revised paper placed on HSE website).

04/5 MGBG to supply members with a table that reconciled the OSP research programmes with the HSE technical areas (done 16/4/04).

04/6 MGBG to consider changing its presentation of future research programmes to assist reconciliation with the HSE technical areas (noted for future)

04/7 HSE to invite Sheila Ashford to comment on the public interest context of paper NuSAC/SCR/04/8 "Access to Independent Technical Capability" and report back to a future meeting of the sub-committee (Action complete. Paper sent to S Ashford. AGM spoke with SA afterwards. Main concern from public interest view is loss of technical expertise and its future supply, followed by adequacy of NSD’s resources. After separate considerations, HSE has given notice to Manchester University that the graphite agreement will be terminated in 2 years.)

04/8 BNFL to prepare a paper for the autumn meeting of NuSAC SCR to inform a discussion on the impact of NDA on BNFL’s organisation (agenda).

04/9 NuSAC SCR to propose that the July meeting of NuSAC discusses NDA's responsibility for ensuring that decommissioning is informed by an appropriate programme of research (issue delegated back to SCR – covered by agenda item on NDA).

04/10 HSE to supply NuSAC SCR members with copies of the Chemical Plant Research Guidance Notes. (done 18/8/04)

04/11 For future meetings, NuSAC SCR to consider arranging a pre-meeting of members.

04/12 HSE to arrange a presentation of the Control and Instrumentation research programme to the 35th meeting in autumn 2004 (agenda).

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