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Nuclear Safety Advisory Committee (NUSAC) - Meeting 14 July 2005

FOI Status: Fully Open
Agenda number: NuSAC/2005/2
Exemption: None

The Nuclear Safety Advisory Committee held at 9.30am, Globe conference room, Rose Court, London

  Item Timing Presenter Ref
1 Welcome, Introduction and Apologies 09.30 Mr Vranch  
2 Minutes of the Main meeting held on 17 March 2005 09.35 Mr Vranch  
3 Matters arising 09.40 Mrs Boorman  
4 Nuclear Safety Performance (update on HSE’s policy and operational issues) and wider issues 09.45 Mr Potter and Dr Weightman Policy Update NuSAC(2005)P11
NII CI Report NuSAC(2005)P12
5 Management of Contractors at BNFL Sellafield 10.20 Mr Rooke (BNG) NuSAC(2005)P6
6 NuSAC’s Perception of Emergency Arrangements 11.00 Mr Cripwell (NuSAC) NuSAC(2005)P4
7 Annual Update on Developments at Dounreay 11.20 Mr Harrison (UKAEA) NuSAC(2005)P7
8 BE Observations on ‘Towards Operational Excellence’ 12.00 Mr Webster (BE) NuSAC(2005)P8
9 Magnox Observations on ‘Towards Operational Excellence’
(Items 8 and 9 are linked papers)
12.30 Mr Parvess (Magnox) NuSAC(2005)P9
10 PCM Processes at Sellafield, Dounreay, Harwell and AWE 14.00 Dr Haigh (NuSAC) NuSAC(2005)P10
11 Regulation of the Conditioning of Intermediate Level Radioactive Waste on Nuclear Licensed Sites: An Update 14.40 Mr Baker (EA) NuSAC(2005)P5
12 OCNS Update 15.15 Mr Brunt (OCNS) No formal paper
13 Matters that the Sub Committee on Research and Review Groups may wish to raise with licensees or observers 15.50 Prof Knott
Dr Whiston
Dr Haigh
Dr Davies
Mr Cripwell
Dr Edmondson
14 Any Other Business 16.15 Mr Vranch  
15 Date of Next Meeting (with initial information)   Mrs Boorman  


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