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Health and safety commission

Nuclear safety advisory committee sub-committee on research

36th meeting on Thursday 14 April 2005 at 10.00 a.m. at HSE Rose Court, Southwark Bridge, London

  • OG status: Open
  • Agenda number: NuSAC/SCR/05/A1
  • Date of meeting: 14 April 2005
  • Intranet embargo: None
  • Type of paper: Agenda


With indicative timing

1. 1000
Welcome to new members and apologies for absence
(Members technical areas, future membership)
2.1 1010 NuSAC/SCR/04/M2
Approval of Minutes: 35rd Meeting on 16 September 2004
Matters arising from previous meeting
3.1. 1020 NuSAC/SCR/05/1
UK nuclear safety research programme: update on 2004/2005 programme and proposed programme for 2005/2006 (HSE)
3.2 1040
Licensees' proposed 2005-06 Programme (Licensees).
N.B. The licensees’ (BE, ME and BNFL Sellafield) Nuclear Research Schedules, including a review of capability, is also distributed with the papers.
3.2.1 1040 NuSAC/SCR/05/2
BE & Future arrangements for managing the BE strategic programme (oral pres.)
3.2.2 1110 NuSAC/SCR/05/3
3.2.3 1130 NuSAC/SCR/05/4
BNFL Sellafield
4. 1150
Presentation on W&D research (HSE, Licensees)
5. 1330 NuSAC/SCR/05/5
Forward look (HSE/Licensees)
6. 1350 NuSAC/SCR/05/6
Recent developments in the NDA approach to research (NDA)
7. 1410 NuSAC/SCR/05/7
Review of new Sellafield research transparency arrangements (HSE)
8 1430 NuSAC/SCR/05/8
Access to Independent Technical Capability (HSE)
9. 1450 NuSAC/SCR/05/9
UK involvement in international nuclear safety research collaborative projects (HSE)
10. 1510
Any Other Business
Date of next Sub-committee meeting

Some of the above papers may be taken ‘below the line’ for information only if required by the time available.


HSE - HSC to have standing invitation to meetings – M Burns unable to attend this meeting, but wishes to continue to be invited - continuing duty, drop from actions
HSE – Arrange meeting with M Burns (HSC) and SCR chair - attempted without success
HSE - Invite new SCR members, checking whether there was a requirement to have TUC and CBI members – there is no specific requirement to have TUC and CBI members
Dr R Dolby, ex TWI, has accepted an invitation to be seconded
LMU/HSE – Send SCR early draft of NDA Research Board Terms of Reference – NDA did not wish to send draft, but agreed TOR will be sent before the meeting
HSE – Arrange W&D presentation at next SCR mtg, inviting chairs of Review Groups 2&3
Fuel cycle operations and interim safety –chair Bill Heafield
NDA and decommissioning policy – Wynne Davies: Presentation on agenda, invitations sent
HSE – Report on organisation of W&D NRI at next SCR meeting – it has been decided to keep the status quo for the time being until the working arrangements for the NDA and the NDA Technical Issues list are clearer
HSE – Report back on Consort reactor from Imperial College workshop in October – to be done orally in meeting by P Storey and Prof S Parry
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