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Nuclear Safety Advisory Committee (NUSAC) meeting

10 April 2008, 10.00 AM, Rose/Globe Rooms, Rose Court


Item   Timing Presenter Ref
1 Welcome, Introduction and Apologies 10:00-10:05 Steve Vranch  
2 Minutes of the meeting held on 26 October 2007 10:05-10:10 Steve Vranch  
3 Matters arising/Actions 10:10-10:15 NuSAC Secretariat  
4 BERR Policy Brief 10:15-10:30 Louise  Robson NuSAC(2008)P01
5 Chief Inspector’s Report 10:30-10:50 Len Creswell
Andy Hall
Robbie Gray
  Tea/Coffee Break 10:50-11:05    
6 UKAEA progress paper and presentation on the decommissioning programme at Dounreay 11:05-11:35  Tony Wratten NuSAC(2008)P03
7 2006/2007 Safety Performance Overview 11:35-12:05 Andrew Clarke NuSAC(2008)P04
8 Review Groups / Task Force activities:
  • TF1: Progress Report
  • TF2/RG2: Liaison with CoRWM
  • TF3: Safety Culture Developments
12:05-12:35 Anthony Webb
Marion Hill
Roger Coates
  Lunch 12:35-13:35    
8 (To be continued)Review Groups/Task Force activities:
  • TF4: Impact of the ICRP recommendations on nuclear safety
  • RG4: Public information aspects of nuclear emergency
  • Matters that Leads / Convenors may wish to raise with licensees
13:35-14:15 Roger Coates
Rod McKenzie
  Tea/Coffee Break 14:15-14:30    
9 Date and arrangements for Open Meeting
3 July 2008 
14:30-14:45 Steve Vranch  
10 Any Other Business
14:45-15:00 Steve Vranch  

Tea & coffee will be available at approximately 10:50 and 14:15 and a buffet lunch will be available at approximately 12:35

Nuclear Safety Advisory Committee Secretariat
21 May 2008

Updated 2009-05-26