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Nuclear Safety Advisory Committee (NUSAC) - Meeting 6 July 2006

Open Government status: Open
Intranet embargo: No
Agenda number: NuSAC/2006/2

The Nuclear Safety Advisory Committee Thursday 6 July 2006 at 9.30AM, Rose and Globe conference rooms, HSE Soffices, Rose Court, London

  Item Timing Presenter Ref
1 Welcome, Introduction and Apologies 09.30 Mr Vranch  
2 Minutes of the Main meeting held 23 febuaryr 2006 09.35 Mr Vranch Circulated
3 Matters arising 09.40

Mrs Martin/Mr Potter Mr Williams (NDA)

4 Nuclear Safety Performance (update on HSE’s policy and operational issues) and wider issues 10.00 Mr Potter and Dr Weightman Policy Update

NII CI Report NuSAC(2006)P11
5 NuSAC Workplan 10.30 Mr Vranch  
6 NII Presentation on the Energy Review Response/New Build issues 11.00 Dr Weightman NuSAC(2006)P10
7 NuSAC representation at events and responses to consultations 11.30 Mr Vranch and appropriate NuSAC Members  
8 Matters that the Sub Committee on Research and Review Groups may wish to raise with licensees or other observers 12.00 Prof Moray
Dr Whiston
Mr Heafield
Mr Cripwell
Mr Napier
9 Maintaining the Nuclear Skills Base 12.30 Dr Hudson (NDA) NuSAC(2006)P14
10 Update on the arrangements for the NuSAC Open Meeting 14.00 Mr Potter/Mrs Martin  

Any Other Business

14.15 Mr Vranch  
12 Date of Next Meeting including update on the visit to HMS Sultan 14.45 Mrs Martin  
14 Close By 15.00    

A buffet lunch will be available at 12.30pm

June 2006

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