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HSC Nuclear Safety Advisory Committee Sub-Committee on research - Meeting on 5 November 2004

Open government status: Open
Intranet embargo: No
Agenda number: Main meeting


Meeting at 09:00a.m at the Commonwealth Suite, Plymouth Hoe Moat House Hotel, Plymouth

Item timing presenter Ref

  1. Welcome, Introduction and Apologies 0900 Mr Vranch
  2. Minutes of the Main meeting held on 8 July 2004 0910 Mr Vranch
  3. Matters arising 0920
  4. NII-related business 0935 Mr Williams
  5. Nuclear Safety Policy Update 1000 Standing item to update NuSAC on current policy issues being addressed.
  6. Matters that the Sub Committee on Research and Review Groups may wish to raise with licensees or observers 1015 Prof Knott Dr WhistonMr HeafieldDr DaviesMr CripwellMr Napier
  7. Update on Regulation at Devonport (NII and MoD) 1040 Mr Andrew McFarlaneMr Bob Powell NUSAC(2004)P14
  8. Public Perception of Safety at Devonport (DML) 1100 Mr Andrew Clark NUSAC(2004)P15
  9. Peel Park Closure (BE) 1120 Mr Peter Webster NUSAC(2004)P16
  10. Sellafield: Fuel Handling Plant Pondwater Update 1140 Mr David Mason NUSAC(2004)P17

  11. WENRA Study on Harmonisation of Safety Standards (NII) 1200 Mr Paul Woodhouse NUSAC(2004)P19
  12. Any Other Business 1220 Mr Vranch
  13. Date of Next Meeting
  14. Close 1230
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