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Nuclear Safety Advisory Committee meeting agenda

Open meeting held on Thursday, 5 July 2007 at  10:00 hours,

New Connaught rooms,61-65 Great Queen Street, Covent Garden, London WC2B 5DA
Registration and coffee:  09:30 hours

  • OG status: Open
  • Agenda number: NuSAC/2007/2
  • Date of meeting: 5 July 2007
  • Intranet embargo: None
  • Type of paper: Revised agenda
   Item   Papers
1 Welcome, Introduction and Apologies Mr Steve Vranch  
2 Minutes of the meeting held on 22 March 2007 Mr Steve Vranch  
3 Matters arising NuSAC Secretariat  

Presentation of the Annual Review of NuSAC up to Spring 2007

Mr Steve Vranch  
5 Nuclear Safety Performance (update on HSE’s policy and operational issues) and wider issues Dr Mike Weightman NuSAC(2007)P8
6 NuSAC representation at events and responses to consultations All Members  

Review Group Reports

Review Group 1
Safety Management and Performance


Mr Steve Vranch
Mr Andrew Clarke


Review Group 2
Fuel Cycle Operations and Interim Safety

Ms Marion Hill  

Review Group 3
Nuclear Decommissioning  Policy

Mr Anthony Webb  

Review Group 4
Emergency Arrangements

Dr Rod McKenzie    

Review Group 5
Ministry of Defence

Dr Dick Bird    

Review Group (Research)

Dr Peter Manning  

Matters that the Review Groups may wish to raise with the Licensees or other Observers

Review Group/Task Force Convenors  

Training of NII Inspectors

Dr Mike Weightman



8 The Work of COGENT Mr John Haddon NuSAC(2007)P10
9 Update on Training Skills:  NDA Dr Ian Hudson


10 Q&A Session Public who have sent in questions  
11 Close    


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