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Health and safety commission

Nuclear safety advisory committee sub-committee on research

38th meeting on Tuesday 4 April 2006 at 10.00 a.m. at Conference Room 6, HSE Redgrave Court, Merton Rd, Bootle

  • OG status: Open
  • Agenda number: NuSAC/SCR/06/A1
  • Date of meeting: 4 April 2006
  • Intranet embargo: None
  • Type of paper: Agenda
   Item Papers
With indicative timing
1. Welcome to new members and apologies for absence 1000 (Members technical areas, future membership)  
2.1 HSC co-ordinated programme of Nuclear Safety Research : Policy and Strategy  
2.1 Approval of Minutes: 37th Meeting on 27 September 2005 NuSAC/SCR/05/M2
3. Terms of reference of NuSAC SCR (chair) NuSAC/SCR/06/1
4.1 UK nuclear safety research programme: update on 2005/2006 programme and proposed programme for 2006/2007 (HSE) 1030 NuSAC/SCR/06/2
4.2 Licensees' proposed 2006-07 Programme (Licensees) 1050  
  4.2.1 BE 1050 &Future arrangements for managing the BE strategic programme (oral pres.) NuSAC/SCR/06/3
  4.2.2 ME 1100 NuSAC/SCR/06/4
  4.2.3 BNFL Sellafield 1110 NuSAC/SCR/06/5
  4.2.4 UKAEA 1120 NuSAC/SCR/06/6
The licensees’ (BE, ME, BNFL Sellafield, UKAEA) Nuclear Research Schedules, including a review of capability, is also distributed with the papers.
5. Presentation on reactor chemistry research (HSE, Licensees) 1145  
  Lunch 1245  
6. Outcome from NDA Research Board meeting (NDA) 1330 NuSAC/SCR/06/7
7. National Nuclear Archive approach (including Knowledge management and sample archiving) (NDA) 1350 NuSAC/SCR/06/8
8. Participation of universities (SCR) 1410 NuSAC/SCR/06/9
  Participation of universities (BE) NuSAC/SCR/06/10
  Participation of universities (NDA) NuSAC/SCR/06/11
9. Access to Independent Technical Capability (HSE) 1440 NuSAC/SCR/06/12
10. UK involvement in international nuclear safety research collaborative projects (HSE) 1455 NuSAC/SCR/06/13
11. Any Other Business 1510  
12. Date of next Sub-committee meeting (3/10/06, HSE Rose Court)  
Some of the above papers may be taken ‘below the line’ for information only if required by the time available.
05/8 British Energy- Prepare a paper on the company’s university research alliances for the April 2006 meeting (agenda item).  
05/9 NDA and NDA Licensees- prepare a paper on the NDA’s university research alliance arrangements for the April 2006 meeting (agenda item).  
05/10 SCR- Prepare a paper on university research alliances from the universities’ perspective (agenda item).  
05/11 HSE- Circulate the Research Policy statement to members of the SCR. Attached to previous minutes at Annex 1.  
05/12 HSE- Circulate most recent Forward Look Paper to the SCR. Attached to previous minutes at Annex 2.  
05/13 NDA- Prepare a paper on the NDA’s arrangements on Knowledge Management and Sample Archiving for the April 2006 meeting (agenda item).  
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