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Nuclear Safety Advisory Committee (NUSAC) - Meeting 3 November 2006

Open government status: Open
Intranet embargo: No
Agenda number: NuSAC/2006/3

Holiday Inn, Pembroke Road, Portsmouth P01 2TA

Revised agenda

  Item Timing Presenter Ref
1 Welcome, introduction and apologies 09.00 Mr Vranch  
2 Minutes of the main meeting held 6 July 2006 09.05 Mr Vranch Circulated
3 Matters arising 09.10

Mrs Martin/Mr Potter

4 Nuclear Safety Performance (update on HSE’s policy and operational issues) and wider issues 9.20 Mr Potter and Dr Weightman NuSAC(2006)P15
5 Update on NuSAC Work Plan 2006/08 09.50 Mr Vranch  
6 Update on NuSAC Annual Report 2006/07 10.00 Mr Vranch  
  NuSAC representation at events and responses to consultations 10.10 Mr Vranch and appropriate NuSAC Members  
7 Matters that the Sub Committee on Research and Review Groups may wish to raise with licensees or other observers 10.20 Prof Moray
Mr Clarke
Mr Heafield
Mr Webb
Mr Cripwell
Dr Bird
8 Plans and challenges at the Springfields site 10.40

Mr Marshall, Head of Commercial, Springfields Fuels Limited

  • NDA’s HSSE Annual Report and Competition Schedule
  • Update on NDA’s Spent Fuel Management Review
11.10 Mr Williams Oral report
10 Sellafield - Progress report including work with contractors and the NDA 11.40 Mr Mason (BNG) NuSAC(2006) P16
11 Any other business 12.10 Mr Vranch  
12 Date of next meeting (10.45 on 8 March 2007) 12.30 Mrs Martin  


by 13.00    

Nuclear Safety Advisory Committee Secretariat
October 2006

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