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Health and safety commission

Review Group 6

1st meeting (otherwise 41st Meeting of NuSAC/SCR) 2nd October 2007 at 10.30am Conference Room 6 HSE Redgrave court, Bootle

  • OG status: Open
  • Agenda number: NuSAC/RG6/07/A1
  • Date of meeting: 2 October 2007
  • Type of paper: Agenda
  Item Papers
With indicative timing
1. Introduction and Apologies for absence 10:30  
2. Approval of Minutes: 40th Meeting of NuSAC/SCR– 6th February 2007 10:35 NuSAC/SCR/07/M1
3. Matters arising from previous meeting 10:40  
4. Input to 08-09 programme, including NRI review requested at Feb. 07 Meeting of SCR (HSE) 10:45 NuSAC/RG6/07/01
5. Specialist topic of meeting – Capability needs, including use of NDA University Research Alliances and the NDA Skills Programme (NII, NDA, National Nuclear Laboratory, British Energy, Nexia Solutions) (Includes the RG 6 Presentation on URAs from the Universities’ Perspective) 11:10  
Lunch 13:10
6. New Build Research (HSE) 13:55  
7. The HSE Making Best Use of Science Project (MBUS) (HSE Chief Scientist) 14:25  
8. International Waste Research and Outcome from NDA Research Board July 2007 (NDA/HSE) 14:45  
9. Future Role and Topics for RG6 15:00  
10. Evaluation of 06-07 programme (Below the line)  
Evaluation of the 2006/07 HSE Levy programme NuSAC/RG6/07/02
Evaluation of the BE 2006/07 nuclear safety research programme NuSAC/RG6/07/03
Evaluation of the ME 2006/07 nuclear safety research programme NuSAC/RG6/07/04
Evaluation of the BNGSL nuclear safety research programme NuSAC/RG6/07/05
Evaluation of the UKAEA research programme NuSAC/RG6/07/06
11. Any other business 15:45  
12. Date of next Review Group meeting 16:00  
LIST OF ACTIONS – 40th meeting
06/9 SCR to prepare a paper on University research alliances from the universities’ perspective for the next meeting.  
06/17 NSD 4A to investigate the practicality of NDA contributing to SCR meetings by videoconference.  
07/1 HSE Chief Scientist to be formally invited to the next meeting and asked to provide a position statement with respect to nuclear and new build research that included what he would like to see published and what he could do to help.  
07/2 SCR Chair to notify the Chair of NuSAC that the SCR was happy with the minor revisions they had proposed to the SCR’s Terms of Reference.  
07/3 NSD Unit 4A to arrange a complete review and tidying up of the NRI.  
07/4 SCR Secretary to enter capability needs as the main item for discussion at the next meeting and allocate two hours for this item.  
07/5 NDA Research Coordinator to give a presentation on how the University Research Alliances could be used to develop capabilities to the autumn meeting and ask one of his colleagues to make a presentation on skills.  
07/6 SCR Chair to liaise with the rest of NuSAC on the issue of capability needs for discussion at the next meeting.  
07/7 SCR Secretary to enter new-build research on to the agenda for the next meeting.  
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