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HSC Nuclear Safety Advisory Committee Sub-Committee on research - 34th meeting on Friday 2 April 2004

Open government status: Open
Agenda number: NuSAC/SCR/03/A1

Meeting 10.00 a.m at British Energy, Barnwood, Gloucester Dining Room 5, Restaurant Block


With indicative timing

1. Apologies for absence 1000

2.1 Approval of Minutes: 33rd Meeting - 19 September 2003 NuSAC/SCR/03/M2

2.2 Matters arising from previous meeting

3 HSC Coordinated Programme of Nuclear Safety Research: Review of New Arrangements (HSE/Licensees) 1010

4.1. UK Reactor safety research programme: update on 2003/2004 programme and proposed programme for 2004/2005 (HSE) 1040 NuSAC/SCR/04/2

4.2 Licensees' proposed 2004-05 Programme (Licensees)

4.2.1 BE NuSAC/SCR/04/3
4.2.2 MGBG NuSAC/SCR/04/4

5. Presentation on graphite research (HSE, Licensees) 1140

Lunch 1240

6 HSE Assessment of 02-03 Industry Direct Programme (HSE) 1320 NuSAC/SCR/04/7

7. Access to Independent Technical Capability (HSE) 1340 NuSAC/SCR/04/8

8. Strategy for NDA related research (HSE) 1400 NuSAC/SCR/04/10

9. Arrangements for Chemical Plant Research 1420 NuSAC/SCR/04/12

10. Any other Business (Future membership, members’ technical areas)

11. Date of next Sub-committee meeting

Members are asked to note the following papers.

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