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Construction Industry Advisory Committee

Construction Industry Advisory Committee (CONIAC) M3/2005
Meeting Date: 24 November 2005 Open Gov. Status:  Fully Open
Exemptions:  None
Item Title Notes
1 Welcome and apologies  
2 Chairs introduction and briefing  
3 Approval of minutes of last meeting and matters arising M2/2005/1
4 Outline of overall progress with the Construction Programme
(including planned campaign activities for 2006)
Gavin Bye, Construction Sector]
M3/2005/1 [102k]
5 Preliminary report on outcome of HSE’s Slips and Trips and Fit-Out Campaigns [Oral report: Richard Lockwood, Construction Division]  
6 CDM, consultation and update: [Oral report, Stephen Wright,
Construction Division]
7 Report on project to develop CDM guidelines on assessment of
competence [John Carpenter]
8 CONIAC webcommunity  
9 Fix dates for 2006 CONIAC meetings  
10 Any Other Business  
  Below the line  
11 Clearance of 3rd Update Report to EC on Implementation of the TMCS Directive HSC/05/110 [156k]
11 Trojan Horse Safety Messaging M3/2005/2 [156k]
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