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HSC Construction Industry Advisory Committee (CONIAC) - Meeting 22 July 2004

Open Government status: Fully Open
Meeting: M2/2004

Globe Room, Rose Court, 2 Southwark Bridge, London at 10.00 am


1. Welcome and introductions.

2. Apologies.

3. CONIAC Workplan for 2004-- 2008

Paper M2/2004/1
Martin Thurgood, Secretariat

4. High Level Event in Feb 2005

Paper M2/2004/2
Simon Pilling, CCSS5

5 .Review of construction regulations - current position

Paper M1/2004/3
Stephen Wright CCSS5

6. Evaluation of the HSC Enforcement Policy - Statement

Paper M2/2004/4
Martin Thurgood, CD

7. NAO Report

Verbal briefing
Kevin Myers CD

8. Designer Pre Qualification

Paper M2/2004/5
Andy Seddon
Construction Confederation

9. The Housebuilders Charter

Paper M2/2004/6
Chris Tisi
Housebuilders Federation

10. Worker Engagement - CONIAC Declaration

Paper M2/2004/7
Martin Thurgood CD

11. Any Other business

12. Euro Week 2004

Paper M2/2004/8
Malcolm Darvill

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