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HSC Construction Industry Advisory Committee (CONIAC) - Occupational Health Working Group - Meeting 15 February 2002

The meeting of the Construction Industry Advisory Committee Occupational Health Working Party will be held at 10.00 hrs on Friday 15 February 2002 in the Hope Room, Rose Court, Southwark Bridge Road, London.


1. Welcome

2. Apologies

3. Minutes of meeting held 4 October 2001

4. Review of actions from last meeting

5. Report of CONIAC meeting on 8 November 2001 - Paper OHWP01/02 - Chair

6. Report on progress with Physical Agents (Noise) Directive- Paper OHWP02/02- Chair

7. Occupational health in construction - Verbal update - Howard Saunders HD

8. Update on current issues

8.1 Proposed initiatives for next work year - Nichola Elvy

8.2 Update on asbestos issues - June Cairns HU

8.3 IOM report- Nichola Elvy

8.4 RSM Conference- Nichola Elvy

8.5 Update on CDM and implications for health - Steve Wright SPD

8.6 Update on Physical Agents (Vibration) Directive - Chair

9. Date of next meeting

10. Any Other Business

Published on Internet 20 February 2002

Updated 2009-05-26