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Construction Industry Advisory Committee (CONIAC)

The Construction Industry Advisory Committee (CONIAC) advises the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) on the protection of people at work (and others) from hazards to health and safety within the building, civil engineering and engineering construction industry.

Its membership is tripartite, providing representation from key industry stakeholders (including SMEs). Its strategic work helps the industry deliver the challenging RHS targets it set at the 2001 Construction Summit, and helps to secure close links between the industry and HSE.

CONIAC was reconstituted at the beginning of 2013 with a refreshed membership. The new approach reflects the desire of HSE to work in partnership with intermediary groups in the construction industry, to take forward the new HSE Strategy. The aim is to take forward new ways of working with the constituencies represented on CONIAC in order to deliver the Strategy and the Revitalising Health and Safety targets within those constituencies.

CONIAC has four sub groups helping to take forward its work:

The Chair of CONIAC is Peter Baker, Chief Inspector of Construction.

Open meetings

HSE’s Construction Industry Advisory Committee (CONIAC) will be holding an open meeting on Tuesday 14 July 2015

Members of the public are welcome to observe the 14 July 2015 meeting of HSE’s Construction Industry Advisory Committee (CONIAC). All observers will be required to register that they wish to attend before the meeting. No one will be admitted to the meeting who has not registered. Admission is free.

CONIAC agendas, papers and minutes
Agendas Papers Minutes
18 March 2015
19 November 2014
23 July 2014
18 March 2014
20 November 2013
17 July 2013
13 March 2013
14 November 2012
20 June 2012
14 March 2012
16 November 2011
13 July 2011
16 March 2011
17 November 2010
21 July 2010
3 March 2010
17 November 2009
22 July 2009
26 March 2009
27 November 2008
23 June 2008 - Open meeting
4 March 2008 - Open meeting
22 November 2007 - Open meeting
25 June 2007 - Open meeting
23 November 2006 - Open meeting
20 July 2006
30 March 2006
24 November 2005
21 July 2005
31 March 2005
18 November 2004
  • Research and Intelligence in Support of HSE’s Construction Programme
    Paper M3/2004/1
  • The Follow-up Event to the 2001
    Construction Health and Safety
    Summit scheduled for February 2005

    Paper M3/2004/2
  • Review of construction regulations current position
    Paper M3/2004/3
  • The CONIAC Declaration on Engaging the Workforce
    Paper M3/2004/4
  • Improving Health and Safety Standards
    In the Construction Industry an insurance perspective

    Paper M3/2004/5
  • Membership of CONIAC sub groups
    Paper M3/2004/6
22 July 2004
20 April 2004
20 November 2003
24 July 2003
27 March 2003
12 February 2003
5 November 2002
10 July 2002
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