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Agenda for the 14th AFAG meeting

Health and Safety Commission
Agriculture Industry Advisory Committee
Arboriculture and Forestry Advisory Group

To be held at Lantra House, Stoneleigh on Wednesday 2nd and Thursday 3rd of April 2008 commencing at 10.30 am.

Item Description Speaker Paper
1 Welcome / Apologies for absence    
2 Urgent business    

Minutes of 13th meeting (25-26 September 2007)

Draft minutes for approval
4 Matters arising   Action Note 13

AFAG Workplan 2005-08 and Beyond [am 2nd April]

Roger Nourish Report on AIAC, review of AFAG’s current Workplan and future

Business Impact Assessment

Alan Plom Consideration of new rules for Government Departments and the implications for AFAG projects.

Review of AFAG Projects 2005-08 [pm 2nd April and 3 April]

  • To review progress and decide strategy for future Projects
  • Papers circ’d for discussion/reference
Project Leaders AFAG/07/01 + App 1&2 - AFAG Terms of Reference and Workplan 2005-08

AFAG/08/01 - AFAG Progress Report 2005-08 (and beyond)

Research into Accident Causation and Evaluation of SHADs [am 2nd April]

  • Report on research findings
Natasha Perry (Bomel)  

Training & Certification [pm 2nd April]

  • Review of progress, update on ‘Options Paper’ and Proposal for a Register of Treework Operatives (AFAG/08/02)
  • Further consideration of VQs (AFAG/07/09 refers)
  • Progress on Review of Chainsaw CoC’s (NPTC)
  • Highways and Construction Training Agency
  • Discussion/presentation of ‘CPD’ recording systems, including:
    • FCA
    • Lantra On-line Competence Framework (OCF)

Update on Other Projects - Project Group Feedback

  • Separate rooms are available for other Project Groups to meet over both days (subject to availability of members) and Project Leaders will report to full AFAG on the second day. 

Standards work

  • Verbal update on AFAG/07/07
Jim Dewar & Sector staff  


  • Verbal update on AFAG/07/08
Jim Dewar & Sector staff  

Communications Strategy

  • Previous AFAG Papers 07/03 (Communications Strategy) and 07/04 (Review of Guidance) refer.
  • SHADs
  • Launch of new AFAG Community/Treework websites
  • Podcasts and Worksafe BC
  • Role of GNN in publicity, handling the media
Jason Liggins

Katy Jeffrey
11 AFAG Workplan 2008-09 and Beyond Roger Nourish  
  Any Other Business    
  Date and venue of next meeting    

Meeting to end by 16.00hrs.

Members to note:  Previous papers referred to on the agenda have not been re-issued. These are available on the AIAC / AFAG webpage.

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