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HSC Advisory Committee on Toxic Substances Working group on European Exposure Limits (WEELS) Agenda - WEELS/AG/5/2003 - 4th February 2003


Meeting of WEELS held on Tuesday 4 February 2003 in the Hope Room, Rose Court, 2 Southwark Bridge, London SE1 9HS.

1. Minutes of the meeting held on 19 April 2002 (previously circulated)

[Minutes accepted without amendment]

2. Matters arising from the minutes not covered elsewhere


3. Update on recent SCOEL meetings

[None][Members were updated with recent developments at SCOEL with particular reference to the December 2002 meeting. The Chair and Vice Chairs had been re-elected. The meeting had discussed all the substances currently under SCOEL consideration: cyanamide, carbon disulphide, pyrethrum, inorganic mercury, 2(2-butoxyethoxy)ethanol, RCFs, white spirit, nickel, hexavalent chromium, VCM, acrylonitrile, acrylaldehyde and MDA.]

4. Update on European matters including feedback from recent meetings of the Ad Hoc Group on Chemical Policies in the Workplace

[None][Ms Sullivan (HSE) provided members with an update of current developments in the European arena including: development of SCOEL criteria documents, the potential HSE secondee, development of binding limit values, development of CAD guidance and the EU Chemicals Strategy White Paper.]

5. Refinements of the Substance Progress Chart (WEELS/02/2003)

[Mr Pedersen (HSE) agreed to make further improvements to the chart.]

6. Reasonable Practicability and Technical Feasibility in Relation to Occupational Exposure Limits (WEELS/01/2003)

[Ms Northage (HSE) presented the paper, which was well received. She agreed to speak to contacts in other Member States with a view to developing the work further. Members offered their assistance in developing the work by obtaining information from their outside contacts.]

7. Workplace Measurement Method Summaries for 2nd IOELV Directive Substances (WEELS/03/2003)

[Mr Wright (HSL) presented the work which he had done in summarising workplace measurement methods for these substances. Members suggested minor amendments to the glossary and wider circulation of the report. ]

8. Reasonable practicability/ technical feasibility issues for three substances with recent SCOEL/SUMs:

[HSE agreed to circulate the comments received from certain members to all the membership.]

9. Developments on the 2nd IOELV Directive (WEELS/05/2003)

[Members were asked to support the HSE line concerning the substances in the Annex to the draft 2nd IOELV Directive and to share the information with their counterparts in other Member States.]

10. HSE’s scientific comments on the most recent SCOEL/SUMs
(for information only) (WEELS/06/2003)

[Information item only.]

11. Any other business

[Topics discussed included the forthcoming European Week of Health and Safety which Members were asked to help publicise, and the prioritisation of substances for future SCOEL consideration carried out by the National Experts Working Group.]

12. Date of next meeting

[Early October – date yet to be fixed]

Published on the HSE Web site with decisions, 17 July 2003

Updated 2012-04-19