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Advisory Committee on Toxic Substances - Standing Committee on Hazard Information and Packing (SCHIP) Agenda - Meeting 23rd May 2002

SCHIP/05/02 Rev 1

The meeting of SCHIP will be held on Thursday 23 May 2002 at 10.45 a.m. in the Rose Room, Rose Court, 2 Southwark Bridge, London.



1. Introductions/apologies

2. Adoption of agenda

3. Secretariat's report - SCHIP/06/02

For discussion:

4. CHIP 3 Update:

ACTION: The Secretariat to investigate the possibility of an electronic ACLG and ACOP

(a) Poisons Centre - SCHIP/07/02

ACTION: Members to provide intelligence on other Member States' activities in this area

(b) Alternative Names - SCHIP/08/02

ACTION: SCHIP to be consulted as system develops

(c) Enforcement Policy - Oral Update (refer to SCHIP/57/01)

ACTION: The Secretariat to draft detailed guidance to enforcers which will be made available before 30 July 2002

(d) Follow-up: Post-Introduction Evaluation - Oral Update

ACTION: The Secretariat to report to SCHIP early 2003

5. SCHIP: Delivering HSE's Outcomes - SCHIP/09/02

ACTION: Members to consider appropriate proposals and forward them to the secretariat

For Information:

Non-Agenda Item:

6. EC Chemical Review Update - SCHIP/10/02

7. EU Negotiations Overview - SCHIP/18/00 – rev 5

8. Declaration of Interests - Oral Update

ACTION: The Chair informed SCHIP that the form will be re-circulated

9. Proposed date and venue for next meeting - Rose Court [date]

ACTION: The Secretariat will consult on which is the preferable date during the week commencing 25 November 2002

SCHIP Secretariat
17 June 2002

Published on the HSE Web site; with decisions on 24 June 2002

Updated 2009-05-22