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Advisory Committee on Toxic Substances European Risk Management Advisory Group - Meeting 10th January 2002


10.30 am 10 January 2002
Fortune Room, Rose Court, London

1. Welcome and introductions

2. Risk reduction strategy for 1,3-butadiene - ERMAG/18/2001

ERMAG endorsed the risk reduction strategy for 1,3,butadiene which included proposals for:

3. Risk reduction strategy for trichloroethylene - ERMAG/19/2001

ERMAG endorsed the risk reduction strategy for trichloroethylene which included proposals for:

4. Risk reduction strategies from other Member States

ERMAG endorsed HSE's negotiating line, in particular the need to clarify the basis for the proposed ban on 1,2,4 trichlorobenzene in open uses.

5. Next meeting

The next meeting should take place in the summer.

Agenda published with decisions on the HSE Web Site 1 February 2002

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