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HSC Advisory committee on Toxic Substances Agenda - ACTS/AG/1/2002 - 14th March 2002

The 77th meeting of the Advisory Committee on Toxic Substances (ACTS) will be held on 14th March 2002 at 10.45 am in the Globe Room, Rose Court, 2 Southwark Bridge, London, SE1 9HS.


1.Introduction and apologies

[The Chair will open the meeting and present apologies for absent members]

2.Refractory ceramic fibres


[A MEL proposal.]

3. Controlling occupational exposure to dioxins


[A follow up to the paper considered at the July ACTS 2001 meeting]

4. Revitalising Advisory Committees review


[Follow up to Bill Callaghan's letter to advisory committee members and handling the reconstitution of ACTS. A paper by ACTS Secretariat]

5. Prioritisation of substances for development of European Union Occupational Exposure Limits.



[The work of the National Experts Working Group, re-established by the European Commission to draw up and apply a prioritisation system]

6. What to do with uncertain limit values published in EH40



[Discussion paper. This issue was discussed at the last ACTS meeting and HSE agreed to present ACTS with a paper setting out the issues. The paper will seek ACTS agreement to a further course of action to accommodate the discrepancies in protection afforded by some OESs in EH40]

7. Report from ACTS Communication Working Group



[A paper seeking ACTS agreement to the terms of reference of this working group. A report of progress and discussion about future activity]

8. Code of Practice for Scientific Advisory Committees



[Follow up paper to Dr John McGuinness's oral presentation of the key issues that will be covered by the Code. Presented by ACTS Secretariat]

9. Minutes of the 76th meeting of ACTS held on 22 November 2001



[The agreement of the minutes of the ACTS meeting of 22 November 2001]

10. Matters arising and Secretary's report



[To note matters arising from the 76th meeting of ACTS and progress]

Below the Line

11. Chemical essentials: development of a one-stop system for the workplace control of chemicals



[A paper seeking agreement to extend the membership of this working group to include ACDS and ACTS]

12. Reconstitution of WATCH



[To note the reconstitution of WATCH]

Information papers

13. Current Developments



[To note matters of general interest in the area of toxic substances not covered elsewhere on the Agenda]

14. Report from WATCH



[Report of the meeting held on 24 January 2002]

15. The 78th meeting of ACTS is provisionally scheduled for 16 and 17 July 2002. The venue to be advised.

Published on the HSE website 13 February 2002

Updated 2009-05-22