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Advisory Committee on Toxic Substances (ACTS) - ACTS/AG/3/2002 - Meeting 21 November 2002

Exempt material:The public version of this agenda contains a section that is withheld under Exemption 12 of the Code of Practice on Access to Government Information – “information that would cause unwarranted invasion of personal privacy”.


The 79th meeting of the Advisory Committee on Toxic Substances (ACTS) will be held on 21st November 2002 at 10.45 am in the Globe Room, Rose Court, 2 Southwark Bridge, London, SE1 9HS

Attendees: Mrs Sandra Caldwell (Chair)

→ ← This section is being withheld under Exemption 12 of the Code of Practice on Access to Government Information


Mr John Thompson (Secretary)

Dr Steve Fairhurst (WATCH Chair)

Ms Carole Sullivan (Secretariat)

Mrs Maureen Meldrum (HDD3 - ICU)

Mr Nick Summers (Secretariat)

Ms Chris Northage (TD3)

Mr Paul Hems (Secretariat)

Ms Collette Nimbley (FOD - Health Unit)

Miss Naseem Walji (Secretariat)

Dr John Groves (HSL)

Dr Paul Oldershaw (HDD)


Mr William McClintock (HSE Northern Ireland)

1 Introduction and apologies[The Chair will open the meeting and present apologies for absent members]
2 Feedback from the presentation of HSE's Chemical Strategy to HSC at it's 12 November 2002 meeting.[Report by Mr John Thompson]
3 Finalisation of the Chemical Trends Forward Look for 2004 and beyond[A paper based upon work by ACTS members. Introduction by Mr John Thompson] ACTS/41/2002
4 Finalisation of ACTS's future plan of work 2003 - 2006[A paper by ACTS Secretariat. Introduction by Ms Carole Sullivan and Mr Paul Hems] ACTS/40/2002
5 Report back on the outcome of consultation via the OEL framework Discussion Document[A paper by Dr Michael Topping. Introduction by Dr Michael Topping] ACTS/43/2002
6 Publicising Limits[A paper by Ms Carole Sullivan. Introduction by Ms Carole Sullivan] ACTS/52/2002
7 Proposals for Maximum Exposure Limits (MELs) and Occupational Exposure Standards. Feedback on CD182[This paper reports on the outcome of the public consultation on substances included in CD182. The paper asks ACTS to endorse recommendations for submission to HSC.A paper by Miss Jennifer Tunwell and Miss Louisa McNamara. Introduction by Ms Julia Soave and Miss Louisa McNamara] ACTS/44/2002
8 MEL proposal for refractory ceramic fibres[A paper by Mr Richard Pedersen and Dr Colin Davy. Introduction by Mr Richard Pedersen and Dr Colin Davy] ACTS/45/2002
9 Progress with the Asthma Strategy[A paper by Mr Donald Adey. Introduction by Mr Donald Adey] ACTS/47/2002
10 Proposal for closing down NEWCON[A paper by Mr Robert Warner. Introduction by Mr John Thompson] ACTS/51/2002
11 Minutes of the 78th meeting of ACTS held on 22/23 July 2002[The agreement of the minutes of the ACTS residential meeting of 22/23 July 2002] ACTSMIN/2/2002
12 Matters arising and Secretary's report[To note matters arising from the 78th meeting of ACTS and progress] ACTS/46/2002
Information papers
13 Report from WATCH[Report of the meeting held on 19 September 2002] ACTS/54/2002
14 The New European Chemicals Strategy[To bring members up-to-date with developments on the New European Chemicals Strategy] ACTS/48/2002
15 Standing Committee on Hazardous Chemicals and Packaging (SCHIP)[To bring members up-to-date with developments on SCHIP] ACTS/50/2002
16 Current Developments[To Note matters of general interest in the area of toxic substances not covered elsewhere on the Agenda] ACTS/49/2002
17 Reducing risks, protecting people (R2P2): HSE's decision making process[To re-familiarise members with R2P2, and to note its implications for ACTS / chemical control in general and implications for the OEL framework in particular] ACTS/53/2002
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