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Advisory Committee on Toxic Substances

Advisory Committee on Toxic Substances Agenda ACTS/08/A01
Meeting date: 11 November 2008 Open Govt. Status: Open
Exemptions: none Meeting Number 94

10:45 hrs in the Fortune Room, Rose Court

Item Description Paper No
1 Introduction and apologies
Chair: Les Philpott
2 Future work of ACTS, including development of Committee work-plan for 2009/10 for HSE Board approval -
3 Update on WATCH
(Oral update by Nicola Gregg)
4 Background on developing and implementing Indicative Occupational Exposure Limit Values (IOELVs)
(Update by ICU, HSE)
5 Update on DRP Dermatitis Programme
(Oral update by Isla Fairhurst)
6 Update on controlling exposure to dusts
(Oral update by Helen Smith)
7 Minutes of the 93rd meeting held on 9 July 2008
(Agreement of the minutes)
8 Matters arising and Secretary's Report
(To note matters arising from the 93rd meeting)
9 Summary and Close
Information papers / Below the Line Papers
10 Update – HSE progress on nanotechnology issues
11 Current developments
Updated 2009-11-17