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Advisory Committee on Toxic Substances

100th meeting on 9 May 2012

Advisory Committee on Toxic Substances Agenda ACTS/2012/A01
Meeting date:

9 May 2012

Open Govt. Status: Fully Open
Exemptions: None
Venue: Oxford University Club, 11 Mansfield Road, Oxford , OX1 3SZ
Time Item Description Paper No.
11.00-11.10 1 Introduction and apologies - Jane Willis (chair)    
11.10-12.00 2

Agreement of the minutes from the 99th meeting of ACTS

Update on matters arising/current issues
Jane Willis/Kären Clayton

  1. Taking forward Löfstedt recommendations
  2. Update on Red Tape Challenge
  3. Update on External Guidance Review
  4. Evaluation of asbestos training pledge
  5. Occupational Cancer paper
  6. Exposure of airport workers to dust and fumes
  7. Waste and Recycling
12.00-12.30 3 Low-toxicity dusts – feedback from BOHS conference workshop
Alastair Hay
12.30-13.00 4 Exposure to pesticides during manufacturing process Gill Smith  
13.00-13.30 5 Lunch  
13.30-14.00 6 Presentation: Review of ACOPs, COSHH and Lead. Case study: Legionella ACOP Gill Smith  
14.00-14.30 7 MWF presentation: Metal Working Fluids: analysis, Legionella growth John Hopley  
14.30-14.50 8 AOB  
14.50-14.55 9 Next meeting 13 November 2012 - agenda items?  
14.55-15.00 10 Summary and close - Jane Willis  
Information paper
Short report from WATCH meeting 21 February 2012 ACTS/02/2012
Updated 2012-07-30