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Advisory Committee on Toxic Substances

Advisory Committee on Toxic Substances Agenda ACTS/06/A01
Meeting date: 3 May 2006 Open Govt. Status: Fully Open
Item Description Paper No.
1    Introduction and apologies
Chair: Les Philpot
2 Asbestos Consultation [Kevin Walkin]
3    Future of ACTS next steps [WG Members]
4 Respirable crystalline silica. [Andie Michael]
5 Subjects proposed by Members
  1. Nanotechnology [Colin Soutar]
  2. REACH [Mike Kingsland]
  3. Cancers in the Workplace [Bud Hudspith]
6 Minutes of the 88th meeting held on 17 November 2005
[Agreement of the minutes]
7 Matters arising and Secretary’s report
[To note matters arising from the 88th meeting]
8 Summary and Close


Information papers / Below the Line Papers
9 Annual Report on WATCH
10 Annual Report on Flour Dust
11 Annual Reports on ERMAG, SCHIP and WEELS
12 Current Developments
Updated 2009-10-26