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Health and Safety Board Agenda 26 June 2013

FoI Status: Open
Location: Rooms 5.21/5.22, Caxton House, London

Time Open Session  


Welcome and introductions - HSE/13/M05

  • Declarations of interest
  • Minutes of the meeting 22 May 2013
  • Matters arising



Chief Executive's Report - HSE/13/59

Presented by Geoffrey Podger

Geoffrey Podger


Chair of the Office for Nuclear Regulation Report to the HSE Board - HSE/13/60

Presented by Nick Baldwin

Nick Baldwin


HSE Toolbox - an update on marketing - no paper

Presented by Michelle Allsop and Kate Haire

Sarah-Dean Kelly


HSE People Survey Actions

Presented by Gaynor Atherton and Dee Imlah - HSE/13/68

Gaynor Atherton


The first 6 months of Fee for Intervention - HSE/13/62

Presented by Jane Willis

Gordon MacDonald


Public consultation on proposals to replace the existing regulatory framework for 'traditional explosives' - HSE/13/63

Presented by Martyn Sime and Gordon MacDonald

Gordon MacDonald


Public consultation on proposals to replace the existing regulatory framework for compressed acetylene - HSE/13/64

Presented by Alexander Tsavalos and Gordon MacDonald

Gordon MacDonald


Proposal to withdraw Approved Code of Practice L116 "Preventing accidents to children in agriculture" - HSE/13/65

Presented by Philip White

Kevin Myers


Future Agendas - HSE/AG/07/2013

  • August meeting agenda
  • Forward look


13:10 Any other business  
13:20 Meeting ends (lunch provided)  
 Below the Line papers
BTL2 Consultation on revised ACOP - Work with materials containing asbestos -HSE/13/67
HSE/13/67 ann 2


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