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Health and Safety Board Agenda 22 May 2013

FoI Status: Open
Location: Whittingham Suite, Redgrave Court, Merton Road, Bootle L20 7HS

Time Open Session  


Welcome and introductions - HSE/13/M04C

  • Declarations of interest
  • Minutes of the meeting 24 April 2013
  • Matters arising



Chief Executive's Report - HSE/13/43

Presented by Geoffrey Podger

Geoffrey Podger


Chair of the Office for Nuclear Regulation Report to the HSE Board - HSE/13/44

Presented by Nick Baldwin

Nick Baldwin


Early Years Training of Inspectors - HSE/13/45

Presented by David Ashton and Rick Brunt

David Ashton


Update on the consultation on proposals for a shorter, simplified Ports Approved Code of Practice - Verbal update

Presented by Jane Willis and Philip White

Jane Willis


Update on HSE Event: Tackling Occupational Disease – Developing new Approaches - HSE/13/55

Presented by Jane Willis

Jane Willis


Outcome of consultation on removal of Health and Safety (First aid) Regulations ACOP - HSE/13/46

Presented by Jane Willis and Andy McGrory

Jane Willis


Communications Plan for the exemption of some self-employed persons from health and safety law - HSE/13/47

Presented by Sarah-Dean Kelly

Sarah-Dean Kelly


Presentation on HSE and Land Use Planning - Presentation

Presented by Gordon MacDonald, Charles Oakley and Andrew Cottam

Gordon MacDonald


Update on the work of Chemicals Regulation Division - HSE/13/48

Presented by Dave Bench and Rob Mason



Future Agendas - HSE/AG/06/2013

  • June meeting agenda
  • Forward look


13:30 Any other business  
13:45 Meeting ends (lunch provided)  
 Below the Line papers

"2+10" Miscellaneous repeals and revocations - proposals for consultation - HSE/13/49

Jane Willis
BTL2 Consultation on revised ACOP - Control of Substances Hazardous to Health (COSHH) - HSE/13/50 Jane Willis
BTL3 Consultation on revised ACOP - Dangerous substances and explosive atmospheres (DSEAR) - HSE/13/51 Jane Willis
BTL4 Consultation on revised ACOP - Legionnaires' disease and technical guidance - HSE/13/52 Jane Willis


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