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Health and Safety Board Agenda 25 January 2012

FoI Status: Open
Location: Whittingham Suite, Redgrave Court

Time Item SMT Sponsor
11:00 Coffee
11:15 Open Session
11:15 Welcome and introductions
  • Minutes - HSE/11/M12C
  • Matters arising
11:25 Chief Executive's Report - HSE/12/04
Presented by Geoffrey Podger
Geoffrey Podger
11:40 Chair of the Office for Nuclear Regulation Report to the HSE Board - HSE/12/05
Presented by Nick Baldwin
Nick Baldwin
11:55 Health and Safety statistics 2010/11 - key facts and trends - HSE/12/06
Presented by Kate Sweeney
Dave Bench
12:10 Science Report 2012 - HSE/12/07
Presented by Vicky Warbreck & Richard Lewis
Dave Bench
12:25 Update on HSE’s preparation for the London 2012 Olympic Games and Paralympic Games - HSE/12/08
Presented by Stephen Williams
David Ashton
12:40 Progress Update on the Implementation of the Strategy for the Health and Safety of Great Britain: ‘Be Part of the Solution’ - development of Sector Strategies - HSE/12/09
Presented by Stuart Reston & Claire Lonsdale
Kevin Myers
12:55 Update on the proposed amendments to the pipelines safety regulations (PSR) 1996 - following further stakeholder consultation and research - HSE/12/10
Presented by Susan McKenzie
David Snowball
13:10 Future Agendas
  • February meeting agenda - HSE/AG/02/2012
  • Forward look
13:20 Any other business
13:30 Meeting ends

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