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Health and Safety Board Agenda 05 December 2012

FoI Status: Open
Location: Room LG1, Caxton House, London

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10.30 Open Session  
10:30 Welcome and introductions
  • Minutes - HSE/12/M10
  • Matters arising

Chief Executive's Report

Presented by Geoffrey Podger - HSE/12/90

Geoffrey Podger

Chair of the Office for Nuclear Regulation Report to the HSE Board - HSE/12/91

Presented by Nick Baldwin - HSE/12/91a

Nick Baldwin

Update on the proposals for regulating conventional health and safety at Nuclear sites

Presented by David Senior/Les Philpott - HSE/12/92

Nick Baldwin

Work of Hazardous Installations Directorate

Presented by Gordon MacDonald - HSE/12/93

Gordon MacDonald

Analysis of responses to consultation on proposals to review HSE's ACOPs

Presented by Clive Fleming/Laurence Monaghan - HSE/12/94

Jane Willis

ACOPs : Proposals to withdraw Management Regulations

Presented by Clive Fleming/Rachel Grant - HSE/12/95

Jane Willis

Update on Docks Regulations

Presented by Stephen Williams/ Helen Smith - HSE/12/96

Jane Willis

Annual Health and Safety Statistics - Key Facts and International comparisons

Presented by Kate Sweeney - HSE/12/97

Dave Bench
12:40 Future Agendas - HSE/AG/01/2013
  • January 2013 meeting agenda
  • Forward look
12:50 Any other business  
13:00 Meeting ends (lunch provided)  
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