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Health and Safety Board agenda

Meeting Date: 5 March 2008 Agenda: B/08/A03
Trim Ref: 2008/52384 FOI Status: Fully Open

5 March 2008, in the Hope Room, Rose Court and by videoconference link to Redgrave Court, Bootle

    Item Notes
13:00 1 Draft Minutes of the HSE Board held on 6 February and Action Points  B/08/M2
13:05 2 Monthly Finance and Staffing Update – January Outturn
Presented by Vivienne Dews
13:35 3 Corporate Plan for Health & Safety in HSE 2008/09
Presented by Justin McCracken
14:00 4 Further paper on Pay principles and objectives for Pay 2008 and beyond including rewarding high performance
Presented by Vivienne Dews
(Closed – Personal to Board Members)
Comfort Break
15:00 5 EaSE Project – towards a vision for customer contact for HSE
Presented by Vivienne Dews B/08/19 (Closed)
15:30 6 The Legal Risk Register
Presented by Alex Brett-Holt
16:00 7 Strategic plan for international engagement in 2008\9
Presented by Giles Denham
(Partially Open)
16:30 8 Making Best Use of Science (MBUS) Project: Closure Report
Presented by Justin McCracken and Patrick McDonald
17:15 9 How and Where We Work
Oral item introduced by Geoffrey Podger
17:45 10 Draft Agenda for April Meeting B/A08/4
17:50 11 AOB  
18:00 Meeting ends
Below the line papers
  1. Monthly health and safety statistics - B/08/23 - Open
  2. Developing an HSE cycle policy – B/08/24 - Open

NB - blocked out agenda items taken over videoconference link to Bootle

Updated 2011-11-22