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Health and Safety Board agenda

Meeting Date: 3 October 2007 Agenda: B/07/A10
Exemptions: None FOI Status: Fully Open

Wednesday 3 October 2007, in the Hope Room, Rose Court and by videoconference link to the Conference Room 12, Redgrave Court, Bootle

    Item Notes
9:00 1 Draft Minutes of the HSE Board held onĀ  5 September and Action Points B/07/M9
9:05 2 Monthly Finance and Staffing Update - August outturn
Presented by Vivienne Dews
B/07/98 (Closed)
10:15 3 Workforce plans: a progress report
Presented by Vivienne Dews
B/07/102 (Open)
10:45 4 Fine Tuning Review - Update on better segmenting our market
Presented by Sandra Caldwell
B/07/103 (Open)
13:00 5 Outcome of consultation exercise on proposals for revised policies for HSE advice on development control around large-scale petrol storage sites
Presented by Justin McCracken
B/07/96 (Closed)
13:30 6 A Study to Consider Remodelling the COMAH Operational Regime
Presented by Kevin Myers
B/07/104 (Closed)
14:00 7 Draft Agenda for November Meeting B/A07/A11
14:05 8 AOB  
14:15 Meeting ends
Below the line papers
  1. Monthly health and safety statistics report, October 2007 - B/07/106

NB - blocked out agenda items taken over videoconference link to Bootle

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