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Health and Safety Executive

Wednesday 4 January 2006 at 9.30am in the Fortune Room, Rose Court

Health and Safety Board Agenda B/06/A01
Meeting Date: 4 January 2006 FOI Status: Fully Open
Exemptions: None
  Item   Notes
9.30 1 Minutes of the HSE Board held on 7 December and Action Points B/05/M14
Fully Open
9.35 2 Health & Safety
Attended by Marcia Davies / Sarah Page
    i)  Monthly update (to include sickness absence if necessary)
Oral item presented by Justin McCracken
    ii)  Three Year Strategy for Health & Safety
Presented by Justin McCracken
As above
    iii)  Lone Working Risks
Presented by Justin McCracken / Sarah Page
Open Post Meeting
10.15 3 Development of a Revised Corporate Balanced Scorecard for HSE
Presented by Vivienne Dews / Mike Lacaille / Andy McGrory
Fully Open
10.50 Break
11.00 4 Update on Pay
Oral item presented by Vivienne Dews
11.15 5 Legal Risk Register
Presented by Alex Brett-Holt
Fully Closed
11.35 6 SCS Leadership Meeting on 24 January
Presented by Geoffrey Podger
11.55 7 Financial Update, December Forecast and Spring
Supplementary Estimate

Presented by Patricia Williams / Dave Thomas
Fully Closed
 12.25 8 A.O.B
a)  Draft Agenda for 1 February Board Meeting
12.35 9 Corporate Stakeholder Engagement
Presented by Colin Douglas
Fully Closed
13.00 Lunch (Corporate Stakeholders to be invited: 30 people - lead contacts and 6 senior champions that are not already Board members)
Below the Line Papers:
    Resource Management System
Prepared by Sarabjit Purewal / Sandra Caldwell
Updated 2009-11-05