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Health and Safety Executive

Wednesday 6 July 2005 at 9.30am, in the Fortune Room, Rose Court

Health and Safety Board Agenda HSE/05/A07
Meeting Date: 6 July 2005 FOI Status: Fully Open
Exemptions: None
Item Notes
9.30 1 Minutes of the HSE Board meeting held on 25 May and matters arising B/05/M07
9.40 2 Health & Safety including Targets

Presented by Justin McCracken/Tim Beaumont

10.15 3 Implementing Hampton and Better Regulation Task Force Recommendations

Presented by Max Walker

Fully Closed
of government
10.45 4 Resource Management System (Formally Universal Work Recording)

Presented by Sarabjit Purewal

Annex 1

Fully Open 

11.30 5 Board Visits - Feedback

Presented by Justin McCracken/Colin Douglas

11.50 6 HSC Awayday Follow-up

Presented by Jonathan Rees

12.05 7 Communications - Current Position

Presented by Colin Douglas

This is envisaged to
be a short update
only. If further discussion
is required
another mtg
will need to be arranged
12.20 8 A.O.B.

a) Draft Agenda for 3 August Board meeting

b) Recruitment - Timothy Walker

12.25 9 Board Feedback

Sandra Caldwell

12.00 Lunch
13.00 Board Health & Safety Training (organised by Tim Beaumont)
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