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Health and Safety Executive

Health and Safety Board Agenda HSE/04/A04
Meeting Date: 3 March 2004 Open Gov. Status: Fully Open
Exemptions: None

The HSE Board


Wednesday 3 March 2004 at 9.30 am in Room 1105, Daniel House

    Item Notes
9.30 1 Minutes of the HSE Board meeting held on 4 February and matters arising B/04/M02
9.35 2 Health & Safety
Oral report by Justin McCracken
9.45 3 Staff Survey
Timothy Walker
10.15 4 Managing Our Risks
Presented by Bill Tomkins/Mike Lacaille
B/04/018Fully Closed - Exemption 2
11.00 5 Proposals for Library, Information Services, Records Management and Infoline services - The DIAS Review
Presented by Heather Bolton and Karen Clayton
B/04/019Fully Closed
11.30 6 CSR
Presented by Vivienne Dews/John Lack
B/04/020is available
12.00 7 Any Other Business  
12.10 8 Board Feedback
Jane Willis
12.15   LUNCH  
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