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Health and Safety Executive

Health and Safety Board Agenda HSE/03/A02
Meeting Date: 29 January 2003 Open Gov. Status: Fully Open
Exemptions: None

The HSE Finance Board


Wednesday 29 January 2003 at 11 am in the Globe Room, Rose Court

    Item Notes
11:00 1 Minutes of the HSE Finance Board meeting held on 27 November 2002; and matters arising. B/02/M14
is available
11:05 2 2003/2004 Financial Allocation. Paper by Vivienne Dews and Pat Williams. B/03/012 is fully closed
12:30 3 Monthly Finance Report.Paper by Jane Franklin. B/03/013B/03/013aB/03/013b
is available
  A sandwich lunch will be provided.     
13:10 4 Investment in IT - Enabled Business Change 2003/2004 and Beyond.Paper by Vivienne Dews and Richard Lewis. B/03/014 is fully closed
13.40 5 Teleconferencing: Strategy and Proposals.Paper by Richard Lewis. B/03/015
is available

Director General’s Private Office January 2003

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