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Annex 3

Partnership Vision: our aim is to establish a partnership that: Partnership Strategy: We will achieve our vision through:
Values to support Partnership Strategy 1. Leadership, where HSE and CMG support the vision and harness their energies to achieve more than they could on their own 2. Trust, where HSE and CMG are mutually accountable, share risks and rewards fairly and support each other 3. Learning, where HSE and CMG continuously seek to improve what they do in partnership 4. Managing Performance, where HSE and CMG agree and put in place necessary practices and resources to manage the performance of the partnership ensuring that any necessary change is effectively managed
Critical Success Factors (what we need to do well) 1.1 Both parties share a common vision of the difference they want to make and the direction to take 2.1 Both parties are mutually accountable for their contributions, sharing responsibility for the success of the partnership 3.1 Both parties continuously seek improvements in activities and ways of working 4.1 The partnership structure fits its purpose
  1.2 Both parties focus on achieving added value - how we can achieve more or better results through collaboration 2.2 Both parties jointly understand and respect differences 3.2 Both parties periodically review the partnership; its vision, achievements and how it is working 4.2 Partner roles, responsibilities and contributions are clearly defined and accepted
  1.3 Both parties are willing to make changes to achieve business objectives 2.3 Both parties jointly behave openly and deal with conflict promptly 3.3 Both parties jointly seek to learn from each other and from experience elsewhere 4.3 Objectives, targets and milestones are set and owned by those responsible
  1.4 Both parties facilitate partnership working and promote support for the partnership within their own organisations 2.4 Communications are sufficient and effective 3.4 Both parties jointly recognise and use strengths and talents within the partnership 4.4 Adequate resources are devoted to achieving the partnership goals
  1.5 Each partners objectives are clear and aligned in a common direction 2.5 Both parties ensure that there is a fair sharing of contributions, risks and rewards 3.5 Both parties manage the changes needed for the improvements to be made 4.5 Both parties jointly use appropriate methods for project management and co-ordination
    2.6 Both parties have an equal say in decision making  
Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s) to measure how well we are doing– these will be set from baseline benchmarking data ( the extent to which we are meeting the CSF’s)Targets: one for each PI to determine what we want to achieve - to be agreed once baseline is established eg. we will set targets for where we want to be in 1 year, 5 years etc.Action plans: Actions to ensure we achieve our targets.
Updated 2009-05-13