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Annex 2
Partnership in Action - Implementing the Partnering Arrangements for REFIT

Project Action Plan

Action: Sub Action: Action by: Action Completed by: Progress:
Produce Discussion Document · gather feedback from Senior Users within HSE Jean Kitchin (Project Manager)
Senior Users HSE
Discussion Document circulated by 21 January Complete
  · identify good practice from external parties with practical experience Jean Kitchin (Project Manager)   Complete
  · identify the barriers Jean Kitchin (Project Manager)   Complete
  · present findings and proposals in discussion document Jean Kitchin (Project Manager) Feedback from Senior Users CMG/CC by 15 February

Present progress report to PSG 25 February

Some feedback outstanding
Build a Partnership Balanced Scorecard using above feedback, simplify the vision and break it down in a way which translates into measurable outcomes Jean Kitchin
User Group
Partnership Steering Group (PSG)
Present a vision, values and critical success factors to PSG for acceptance and agreed ownership at 25 February meeting Complete
  · determine Critical Success Factors      
  · develop and agree diagnostic tool to measure baseline (questionnaire) Jean Kitchin
User Group
For agreement by User Group March 2002  
  · carry out survey Jean Kitchin Complete by May 2002  
Build a Partnership Balanced Scorecard (cont’d) · analyse baseline findings Jean Kitchin June 2002  
  · set performance indicators Proposals by Jean Kitchin and User Group
Agreement by PSG
July 2002  
  · set targets for achievement      
  · develop action plans for improvement      
Agree and Document all Partnership Structures, Roles and Responsibilities · agree appropriate Partnership Forum (e.g. PSG, Programme Board, User Group etc.) and outline roles and responsibilities based on feedback from Discussion Document Jean Kitchin
User Group
Present proposals for group structures and outline roles and responsibilities to PSG March 2002  
  · document (in a RASIC table) roles and responsibilities for Partnership Forum Jean Kitchin Agreement by User Group

March 2002

Publish by May 2002

  · develop and document Terms of Reference for Groups within Partnership Forum Jean Kitchin
User Group
Agreement by PSG April 2002

Publish by June 2002

  · map and document BEU/CMG/CC and HSE roles responsibilities and interfaces Jean Kitchin Agreement by User Group

April 2002

Publish by May 2002

Establish Appropriate Communications (who needs to know what) · establish what DD’s need to know and when Lynne Thomas (CMG Communications Manager)
Jean Kitchin
User Group
  · produce Partnership leaflet for distribution to all staff to include a summary of the partnership; description of the agreement and what it will achieve over the life of the partnership; a description of the service with named delivery managers; a list of stakeholders; the partnership structures with membership and how they work together; the principles of the partnership; the objectives of the partnership (for both CMG and HSE); communication and who to contact for more details   May 2002  
Communications cont'd · promote understanding of the financial model for REFIT Annette Halstead

Vera Cuff (Relationship Manager)

Ongoing Financial model presented/planned to:

· Finance Managers Jan 2002

· London based ISP reps. Feb 2002

· Personnel, March 2002

· Bootle based ISP reps. April 2002

· Delegated Authority guidance, Feb 2002

· Guidance pack including costing for business cases and planning submissions currently being compiled

  · agree information to be put into HSE /CMG domain and media for doing so Lynne Thomas
User Group
Identify Appropriate skills for Partnership Working · raise awareness of partnership Jean Kitchin
Lynne Thomas
User Group
Ongoing Discussion Document Complete issued to consultees, User Group and BEU managers
  · arrange group training for key players Jean Kitchin
BEU/CMG Team Leaders
March 2002 Outline proposal agreed with supplier
Identify Appropriate skills for Partnership Working (cont'd) · develop partnership competence toolkit Jean Kitchin
For acceptance by User Group June 2002 1st draft in progress
  · arrange partnership skills awareness sessions for HSE/CMG Jean Kitchin
DD training Managers
User Group
By June 2002  
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