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Health and Safety Board Agenda

Meeting Date:6 March 2002
Cancellation Date:
6 March 2002
Open Government Status: Fully Open
Not Applicable


The HSE Board


Wednesday 6 March 2002 at 9.30 am in the Fortune Room, Rose Court

Agenda No. Agenda Item: Status for Intranet
1 Minutes of the HSE Board meeting held on 6 February 2002; and matters arising

B/02/M02 is Fully Open

2 Health and Safety
Oral Report by Timothy Walker

3 Change in HSE - Criteria
Paper by: Sandra Caldwell

A paper explaining the criteria to be used in the mapping exercise which is the next step in the ongoing review process.

B/02/019 is Fully Closed (Exemption 2 of the Code of Practice on Access to Government Information (internal advice and discussion))

4 Business Risk Management
Oral report by Richard Hillier

A paper asking what action the Board wished to take to ensure HSE meets the required standard of corporate risk management by 1st April 2003.

5 Legal Risks
Paper by: Robert Humm

A paper detailing the current legal risks facing HSE and inviting the Board to comment.

B/02/017 is Fully Closed (Exemption 4 of the Code of Practice on Access to Government Information (legally privileged information))

6 Developing the Refit Partnership
Paper by: Richard Lewis and Gary Austin

A paper and presentation to update the Board on progress with the Refit partnership and asking how the Board and SCS can help develop this further.

B/02/018 is Fully Open

There were no papers taken at the 20 February Board meeting

March 2002

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