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Health and safety commission

Health and Safety Commission Agenda HSC/05/A03
Meeting Date: 8 March2005 Open Gov. Status: Fully Open
Exemptions: None


Item Title Notes
1 Commission's Private Discussion (Fortune Room) No Paper
2 Draft minutes of the meeting held on 8 February and matters arising HSC/MO2/2005
3 Urgent business not covered by items on the agenda  
  Strategic Issue  
4 Update on the Public Services Programme (formerly GSE Programme) HSC/05/10 Open No Embargo
5 HSC/E Corporate Information and First Year Report on HSC's Workplace Strategy. HSC/05/05 Open No Embargo and HSC/05/36 Partially Open No Embargo
6 HSC/E Business Plan 2005/6-2007/8 HSC/05/48 HSC/05/48a Fully Open No Embargo
7 Communications Update, inc. communications' objectives and Stakeholder engagement HSC/05/29 Fully Open No Embargo and HSC/05/42 Partially Open No Embargo
8 RIDDOR Review HSC/05/35 HSC/05/35a HSC/05/35b HSC/05/35c HSC/05/35d Open No Embargo
9 Agreement to Railways and other guided transport systems (safety) regulations 2005 HSC/05/03 HSC/05/03a HSC/05/03b HSC/05/03c Partially Open No Embargo
10 Proposed Consultation on the Revision of the Construction (Design and Management) Regulations 1994 and the Construction (Health, Safety and Welfare) Regulations 1996   HSC/05/02 HSC/05/02b HSC/05/02c HSC/05/02e HSC/05/02f HSC/05/02g Partially Open No Embargo
11 Open Meeting- proposals for closed papers and sessions HSC/05/40 Open No Embargo
  Below the line  
  Request for variation of accreditation conditions HSC/05/24 Fully Open No Embargo
  Preventing Workplace Transport Accidents - proposal to introduce management standards for driver/operators HSC/05/07 Fully Open No Embargo
  Proposals for Control of Major Accident Hazards (Amendment) Regulations HSC/05/26 HSC/05/26a HSC/05/26b HSC/05/26b1 HSC/05/26c HSC/05/26d HSC/05/26e HSC/05/26f Fully Open No Embargo
  Revision of the code of practice for safe use of pesticides on farms and smallholdings HSC/05/41 HSC/05/41a Fully Open No Embargo
  Appointment to Channel Tunnel Safety Authority (CTSA) HSC/05/50 Partially Closed Post Announcement Embargo
  Miscellaneous Papers  
  Common commencement dates for domestic legislation Misc/05/06 Fully Open No Embargo
  Cosultation document on proposals to amend the CHIP Regulations 2002 Misc/05/07 Misc/05/07a Misc/05/07b Misc/05/07c Misc/05/07d Misc/05/07e Open No Embargo
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