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Health and Safety Commission

Health and Safety Commission Agenda HSC/05/A02
Meeting Date: 8 Fbruary 2005 Open Gov. Status: Fully Open
Exemptions: None


Tuesday 8 February 2005

Item Title Notes
1 Commission's Private Discussion
No Paper
2 Draft minutes of the meeting held on 11 January and matters arising

Fully Open
3 Urgent business not covered by items on the agenda

Strategic Issues
4 Enforcement and Prosecution

No Paper
5 Presentation on Major Hazards Programme
No Paper

6 Revised policy and instructions on the enforcement of HSWA Section 3 HSC/05/33Fully Closed

7 Plans for the worker involvement programme HSC/05/16 Fully Open
8 The way forward in Europe and plans for the UK Presidency HSC/05/23Fully Open

9 Quarterly Report- progress on delivering PSA targets HSC/05/31 Open
10 Proposals for the HSC open meetings HSC/05/34 Fully Open
  Below the line
  Partnership Branding
HSC/05/28Annex AAnnex B Fully Open

  Manufacture and storage of explosives regulations
HSC/05/13Annex A Annex BFully Open

  Proposals for export and import of dangerous chemicals
HSC/05/14 Open
  Employers Liability Regulations
HSC/05/19 Annex AAnnex BAnnex CFully Open
  Technical policy on EIADR 99 (Environmental impact assessment nuclear decommissioning)
HSC/05/09 Annex AAnnex BAnnex CFully Open
  Withdrawal of ACOP on use of electricity at quarries
HSC/05/22 Fully Open
  HSC/E Business Plan 2005/6-2007/8
HSC/05/27 Fully Open
Miscellaneous Papers
  Workplace Health Direct

Misc/05/01Fully Open
  Construction Health and Safety Summit
Misc/05/02 Fully Open
  Progress on the Review of RIDDOR
Misc/05/03 Fully Open
  Progress on the Review of RIDDOR- Following Public Forum on 20 Jan as promised in Misc 05/03
Misc/05/04 Fully Open
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