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Health and Safety Commission meeting
Tuesday 6 September 2005

Health and Safety Commission Agenda HSC/05/A09    
Meeting Date: 6 September 2005 Open Gov. Status:  Fully Open
Exemptions: None    


Item Title Notes
  Commission's Private Discussion (Rose Room) No Paper
  HSC Meeting 09:30am - Globe Room  
1 Draft minutes of the meeting held on 26 July and matters arising HSC/MO6/2005
2 Urgent business not covered by items on the agenda  
3 Chief Executive's Report  
  HSC/E Strategy  
4 Approval of the Business Involvement Programme Plan HSC/05/102
Annex A,
Annex B,
Annex C,
Annex D,
Annex E,
Fully Open
No Embargo
5 Developing our Intervention Strategy HSC/05/65
Fully Open
No Embargo
6 Delivering PSA Targets 05/06-07/08:
Summary Performance 1st Quarter 2005/2006
Fully Open
No Embargo
  Operational Issues  
7 FOD Update No Paper
  Other Issues  
8 Railway and other Guided Transport Systems
(Safety) Regulations
Fully Open
No Embargo
9 Proposals for workplace exposure limit for
respirable crystalline silica - amended versions
Fully Open
No Embargo
  Below the Line  
  Update on Strategy 2nd stage deliverables HSC/05/105
Fully Open
No Embargo
  Clearance of Practical Implementation Reports on Occupational Safety & Health Directive HSC/05/75
Fully Open
No Embargo
  Update on European Issues and the UK Presidency HSC/05/106
Fully Open
No Embargo
  Update on the SFAIRP Interaction case and next steps. (Fully closed) HSC/05/107

Fully Closed
  Health and Wellbeing Agenda HSC/05/114
Personal to Members Only
  HSC Stakeholder Conference 2005 HSC/05/113
Annex A
Fully Open
No Embargo
  Miscellaneous Papers  
  Proposals for a new application Outside Great Britain Order (AOGBO) Misc/05/18
Fully Open
No Embargo
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