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Health and Safety Commission

Health and Safety Commission Agenda HSC/04/A07
Meeting Date: 13 July 2004 Open Gov. Status: Fully Open
Exemptions: None

Health and Safety Commission Agenda

Tuesday 13 July 2004. 10:00am Rose Court. Hope Room

Item Title Notes
1 Commission Discussion No Paper
2 Draft minutes of the meeting held on 8 June and matters arising HSC/04/M06
3 Urgent business not covered by items on the agenda
  • Spending Review
  Strategic Issues  
4 Priorities for the Legislative Programme HSC/04/58
Fully Closed
Personal to members only
  Operational Issue:  
5 Manufacturing and non public services; Operational Report  
6 Working at Height Regulations HSC/04/82
Fully Open
No Embargo
7 Rail Review  
8 HSC’s 30th Anniversary HSC/04/80
Fully Open
No Embargo
9 HSC Open Day 2004 HSC/04/84
Fully Open
No Embargo
Below the line
  Race Equality Scheme – Second Annual Review HSC/04/65
No Embargo
  Evaluation of R2P2 HSC/04/69
Fully Open
No Embargo
  Social Inclusion Policies – Update (info only) HSC/04/77
Fully Open
No Embargo
  Channel Tunnel – appointment of Stephen Williams. HSC/04/79
Partially Closed
Post Announcement
  Spending Review- SR 2004, 2005/6 – 2007/08 planning process HSC/04/85
Fully Open
Post Meeting
  Miscellaneous Papers  
  Aligning HSWA section 28 with the Freedom of Information Act 2000 (FOIA) Misc/04/16
Annex 1
Annex 1 Appendix 2
Partially Open
Embargo until 25 June
  High-level strategic programme plans. Misc/04/19
Annex A
Annex B
Annex C
Annex D
Annex E
Fully Open
No Embargo
  Party Conferences 2004 Misc/04/20
Partially Closed
No Embargo
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