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Health and Safety Commission

Health and Safety Commission Agenda HSC/04/A06
Meeting Date:   8 June 2004 Open Gov. Status: Fully Open
Exemptions:  None


Tuesday 8 June 2004. 10:00am, Hope Room, Rose Court

Items 4 and 5 to be taken together

Item Title Notes
1 Commission Discussion No Paper
2 Draft minutes of the meeting held on 11 May and matters arising

3 Urgent business not covered by items on the agenda

4 & 5 Strategic Issues: Items 4 and 5 to be taken togetherMigrant Workers - Employment Status

HSC/04/61 Fully ClosedHSC/04/62Fully Closed

  Operational Issues:  
6 Hazardous Installations Directorate (HID)
Operational report
No Paper
  Other Commission Business:  
7 Services Directive

HSC/04/73 Closed

8 HSC/E's future involvement in award schemes HSC/04/64 Fully open

9 Communications Update and "Branding" HSC/04/71 Fully open
   Below the Line papers  
10 Payment of fees to non-public committee members HSC/04/63 Closed

11 Refractory Ceramic Fibres HSC/04/66 Fully open

12 Land use Planning and ALARP Demonstration for COMAH Establishments HSC/04/72 Closed

13 An Update on the HSC Enforcement Policy Statement HSC/04/74 Partially Open

14 Consultation on proposals to implement Directive 2003/105/EC amending Council Directive 96/82/EC on the control of major accident hazards involving dangerous substances HSC/04/46
HSC/04/46g Fully open
  Miscellaneous Papers  
15 Publication of the National ERTMS Programme (NEP) 2nd Year Report MISC/04/15 Fully open
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