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Health and Safety Commission

Health and Safety Commission Agenda HSC/03/A09
Meeting Date:  16 September 2003 Open Gov. Status:  Fully Open
Exemptions:  None


Tuesday 16 September 2003. 10:00am. Rose Court. Hope Room

Item Title Notes
1 Commission Discussion No Paper
2 Draft minutes of the meeting held on August 5 and matters arising HSC/M08/03 Partially Closed No embargo
3 Urgent business not covered by items on the agenda  
4 Asbestos Elimination in the MoD HSC/03/87 
HSC/03/87a  Fully Closed Intranet embargo
5 Proposed Revision of the CDM Reg's 1994 and the Construction HSW Reg's 1996 HSC/03/93 Fully Open No embargo
6 Revocation of the Anthrax Prevention Order & Related Legislation HSC/03/34  Fully Closed No embargo
7 HSC/E Race Equality Scheme - First Annual Review HSC/03/90 Fully Open No embargo
8 Use of Societal Risk in Regulating COMAH and Producing Advice for Major Hazards Land Use Planning HSC/03/82  Fully Closed No embargo
9 Baz Terych to meet the Commission No Paper
  Below the Line Papers  
10 Paper on Accreditation and Licensing HSC/03/98 Fully Open No embargo
11 UK Voting Strategy for the 29th Adaptation to Technical Progress of the DSD 67/548 HSC/03/84



Partially Open No embargo
12 EU Negotiating Strategy & Planned International Activities 2003/04 HSC/03/107



Fully Open No embargo
13 HSC Response to the Government NDA Bill HSC/03/114 Fully Open No embargo
14 Advisory Committee on Dangerous Pathogens: New Guidance: Infection at Work: Controlling the Risks HSC/03/116
HSC/03/116a  Partially Open No embargo
15 Review of Offshore Installations (Safety Case) Reg's '92.  Outline Proposals for Change HSC/03/127 Fully Open No embargo
16 Consultation Document: Implementation of Working Time Directive for Mobile Workers in Civil Aviation HSC/03/133




HSC/03/133e Fully Open No embargo
  Miscellaneous Papers  
17 HSC's 2002 Annual Return to the DCA on Requests under the Code of Practice on Access to Government Information MISC/03/25
Fully Open No embargo
18 Appointment of Dr Robert Smallwood to CTSA MISC/03/24 Fully Open No embargo
19 Maximum Workplace Temperatures MISC/03/27 Fully Open No embargo
20 HSC Meeting Dates 2004 MISC/03/28 Fully Open No embargo
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