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Health and Safety Commission

Meeting Date: 15 July 2003 Open Gov. Status: Fully Open
Exemptions: None


Tuesday 15 July 2003 - 10.00 am, Hope Room, Rose Court

Items 8, 21 and 22 are linked and should be read together

Item Title Notes
1 Commission Discussion  
2 Draft minutes of the meeting held on June 10 and matters arising HSC/M06/03
3 Urgent business not covered by items on the agenda  
4 Police Reform Act Section 95. HSC Consultation outcome HSC/03/77
Annex a, b, c, d, ePartially Open
5 Railway Safety Reg’s TPWS Exemption Consultation HSC/03/49Partially Open
6 Progress Report on Rail Public Inquiry Reports HSC/03/52
HSC/03/52aFully Closed
7 Summary of the financial outlook. A prelude for the Commission to the SR2004 discussion on 5 August. No Paper
8 Health and Safety Awards HSC/03/86Fully open
9 Employee Involvement – Consultation Document HSC/03/83
HSC/03/83a, b1, b2, b3, b4, b5, b6, cFully open
10 Communications – Follow up from Residential HSC/03/111
HSC/03/111bFully open
  Below the Line Papers  
11 Review of Fairground Safety: Update Report HSC/03/50
HSC/03/50aFully open
12 Biocidal Products: New Agency Agreement & ACOP HSC/03/88Fully open
13 Review of the Railway Approvals Regieme HSC/03/91Fully open
14 Further consultation on proposals for the carriage of Dangerous Goods & use of Transportable Pressure Equipment Reg’s 200[x] HSC/03/96
HSC/3/96a, b, cFully open
15 2nd Report to the EC on the Practical Implementation of the Temporary Workers Directive (91/383/EEC) HSC/03/97
HSC/03/97aFully open
16 Work Related Road Safety: Progress Report HSC/03/99Fully open
17 Update on the 2nd Rail Package HSC/03/78Partially open – Annex A closed
18 Report by the UK on the 1st five years of practical implementation of Directive 95/63/EC on the amended use of work equipment HSC/03/103Fully open
19 Shiftwork and Breast Cancer: A critical review of the epidemiological evidence HSC/03/106Fully open
  Miscellaneous Papers (Circulated since last meeting)  
20 HSC/E’s PSA Targets: Quarterly Performance Report MISC/03/17Fully open
21 European Week for Safety and Health 2002 Report – Working on Stress MISC/03/18Fully open
22 European Week for Safety and Health 2003 – Dangerous Substances – Handle with Care MISC/03/19Fully open
23 HSC’s RIAC Report 2002/03 MISC/03/20
MISC03/20a, b, c, dFully open
24 Corporate Accountability & Responsibility for Health and Safety: Publication of 2 HSE reports on public reporting & directors responsibilities MISC/03/21MISC/03/21a
MISC/03/21bFully open
25 Merseyside HQ Project MISC/03/23Closed
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